The proliferation of trendy workouts coinciding with increased exercise-related injury and “new” fad diets have not decreased the rate of obesity, diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s in America. These are the WHYs that fuel our desire in attaining FITNESS FOR LIFE. The urge to share our Total Body Health philosophy and inspire real life changes are what led us to start Core Theory Fitness.

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April Coker

April is committed to helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives, with a solid backing of science. She has 12 years of fitness expertise with award-winning coaches and gurus and is passionate about wellness, nutrition, fitness and health. April draws inspiration from friends who have exercised almost daily for decades and today are rewarded with the mobility to do whatever they want, despite being in their 80s!

From her realization that almost all ‘boxes’, specialty gyms and boutique gyms do not actually cater to the Gen-X and the Boomers in a progressive way (even the injured Millennials!), April decided to become a certified Functional Aging Specialist™ with the Functional Aging Institute.

She is also a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise Science®, Integrative Yoga Therapy instructor, and Nutritionist. Understanding the intertwining relationship between health, nutrition and fitness, April works closely with a network of registered dietitians, physical therapist and doctors.
If she isn’t experimenting with newfound workouts, using Didi as a ‘guinea pig', she enjoys keeping up with scientific research papers on the latest in fitness and nutrition. She enjoys jogging with her dogs, Yoga, Pilates, rock climbing, weightlifting, cycling, and was a Houston-based amateur boxer. Having reached the tallest peaks in Texas and New Mexico, glacier hiked in Canada, April now loves dragging Didi around National Parks for backcountry hiking and camping to attain new heights and adventures!

April's inspirations include Rabih Laz (IFBB Bodybuilder), Nicole Wilkins (IFBB Figure and Fitness), and Layne Norton (Powerlifter).

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Fun Facts about April:

1. April appeared on TapouT Magazine Issue 37 while she was training in Las Vegas, alongside UFC champions!

2. She has trained under international body builder Rabih Laz.

3. Is also a certified rescue scuba diver!



Having previously lived in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Middle East, and Singapore, Didi grew up competitive all her life. She represented high school and district in basketball, javelin, hockey, cross-country running, tennis, and badminton. 

Her love for outdoors naturally translated into attempts to conquer mountains (or canyons) - including Grand Canyon's South Rim, Cuba's Pico Torquino, Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull, Spain's Montserrat, Switzerland's Mont Salève, SE Asia's Mt. Kinabalu, Scotland's Ben Nevis, and Japan's Mt. Fuji.

In the U.K., she was on the university first team for badminton and won silver medal in singles (yes it is an Olympic sport and the most watched game after soccer outside of US). Didi is also in Muay Thai kickboxing and an avid scuba diver.

A lower back injury from field research in the Middle East in 2014 has led her to discover the scientific wonders of compound training and functional movements. She has since added Yoga, Pilates, Olympic Weightlifting, half marathons and (ego-less) CrossFit to her routine.

She has a broad expertise including in multi-dimensional functional biomechanics, sports performance, myofascial release, and nutrition. Didi is a certified Functional Aging Specialist™, FAI Group Exercise Specialist™  and TRX® Instructor. She is currently finishing her PhD and is taking the backseat in training.

Her inspirations includes Dr Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains) and Katy Bowman (biomechanist).

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Fun Facts about Didi
1. When she was barely two, her dad carried her on his back up to the highest mountain in Southeast Asia with elevation of 13,500 ft! 

2. She broke district record in shot put (a track and field event) while being the smallest of the competitors, redefining stereotype of typical throwers.

Arches National Park


We will not be here today without a lot of people, especially these two...


Rabih Laz   |    Los Angeles - Houston

April's strength trainer and mentor for nearly 6 years, Rabih is a well-known competitive bodybuilder, a master trainer with 18 years of experience and was the star of Arab Gladiators as "Hyena". He is regularly seen in both national and international bodybuilding championships and advocates clean eating and functional movements. Rabih inspired April to embrace 'Leg Days' after a difficult shoulder injury prevented her from doing any type of upper body workouts for 6 months! His creativity and motivation helped lead her to her dream of running her own studio. Thank you Rabih for being the best trainer and inspiration anyone could ask for!

Follow him on instagram @rabihlaz The Gladiator.



Andrea Peel   |   United Kingdom

Born and bred in Birmingham, Andrea is an all-round master trainer who inspired Didi to look beyond competitive sports into balanced compound exercises. With 20 years of experience in fitness and health, she emphasizes the importance of combining all facets of fitness - hard strength training, intense cardio, stretching exercises, recovery, and being outside! Andrea helped rehab Didi's lower back initially with pilates, before adding total body exercises.