"The functional training and variety of exercises is my favorite aspect. Not only does it keep the routine fresh, but also fun. I feel accomplished, even if i may not have felt it during the exercise, the next morning I will feel it in places i wasn't expecting. She is always positive, but more importantly she pays great attention to details of form. She doesn't try to push someone through when the form starts to fail. I have had knee injuries in the past and she catches when my form starts to fail and stops the exercise. Because of this i can now walk up 10 flights of stairs without leg or knee failure. Six months ago this wouldn't have been possible. Even though her gym is a 45 minute drive from me, it is well worth the time!"
Iain P.

"I started working out at Core Theory about three months ago and want to share my experience with April.  After working with a number of trainers in the past, I can honestly say April is amazing. My son initiated my first session, and at 62 years old I felt unable to do very much in my life recently due to a back injury. When I started with April I felt incapable of many exercises but she worked around my injury at the time, which demonstrated her real understanding of not only the body, but also client needs.  Leaving her sessions I felt I accomplished things I didn’t know I could.  April wants your muscles to know they have been worked but never wants you in pain, believing instead that you should feel the workout somewhat the next day. After three months I feel better about myself and capable of the challenges she presents. Now not only do I walk on the days I do not see her, I have much more energy now. I can see my body changing on the scale and feel my body changing by the fit of my clothes.  I do not write reviews very often but April’s encouragement always feels good whether you can do something or not, and she always provides alternatives if you cannot do something.  If you are looking for a trainer who can work you out at whatever pace you think you can handle, she is absolutely your best bet in my eyes.  While my son had to push me to start with April, April is the reason I continue to work out at Core Theory, and I am truly grateful for my progress thanks to her."
Elizabeth P.

"I started this review thinking it was going to be quick…. But April has made such an impact in my life that it rapidly extended into what some may think would be too long. My initial experience with a personal trainer initiated as complement to my running with only boxing once a week. With sessions being so much fun and results coming so quickly it transformed to now working-out three times a week and incorporating total mind/body workout plan. 
After a few months I decided I wanted to add some weightlifting and April started having me perform stretches at the end (something that I once hated and I now see as very important). She noticed how my lack of flexibility prevented me from doing some exercises and asked me to add stretching to my daily routine. She gave me a 10min/day for 30 days stretch challenge. By the end of that 30 days my flexibility was greatly improved and my posture improved as well. I actually stood 2" taller than when I started the program and my chronic neck pain was gone!
I decided to start going twice a week after that! April always takes notice of how I am feeling before we begin our exercises for the day and on a particularly stressful day she completely switched what she had planned and added a 10 minute meditation at the end of the session (this part became my 3rd day that we now include in my routine with a full 30 minute meditation section).
After adding my meditation sessions and experiencing the physical benefits of working with April, I now go three times a week and she put a program together so that I incorporate strength, interval training, flexibility, and my favourite: meditation. She pays attention to so much more than just form. I know she pays attention to me as an individual and will always put my best interests first!
As mentioned, I started coming to Core Theory Fitness because they offer boxing training and I wanted to add some fun to mix in with my running routine. Today my routines are so cool and unexpected that April sometimes prepares exercises that don't feel like much at the time, but then…, the next day, boy you feel them!"
Sebastian B.

"April Coker is an outstanding trainer. I have been training with April have at Core Theory fitness for about eight months now and she has changed my life completely mentally and physically. I have had several surgeries which one was lower back and the other was my upper neck. I refused to give up exercise,I love working with April one on one so she can focus on strengthening those special areas. I definitely can tell the difference in my balance  and my energy level since I started training with April. What I love about April is that she really cares about how you feel when you get there and when you leave. She keeps up with classes and she went to a convention in Las Vegas just recently and came back even more motivated and very excited with all kinds of different equipment to workout with. It changes up each workout and makes it fun! My favorite are the resistant bands. Your working out but, your having fun while doing it.  I love everything about that. At the end of the day when I leave I feel great and motivated and ready for the next workout."
Nicky L.

"April adds a whole new dimension to fitness to ensure that we age as healthy as possible and still be able to go for a hike when you are 70 or pick up your grandkids at 80 and not rely on medication to keep you going. Core Theory Fitness stands out in its own ways than traditional gyms and boutique gyms in a way that it focuses not on the trendy fads, but on a holistic view of how wellness should be for EVERYONE - mind and body. I always view weight training as boring, but April is always ready to explain scientifically on its importance while we are doing it which made me forget why I hate it. The soreness post-workout at areas where i did not know i have muscles made me realize how important they are as they atrophy with age! Thank you April for making me relive my childhood with your sessions!!"
Ann P.

"April has honestly changed my life. One year after having my baby, i was still struggling to lose weight. My peak weight was 220 pounds and as my baby was a few weeks from having her first birthday, I was down to only 210 pounds. I knew this was not the example I wanted to set for my child, so I asked April for help. She coached me down to 155! With a combination of eating right, swimming and light weight lifting, i was able to accomplish that much of a change in 5 months. April gave me motivation when lost it and truly cared about my journey. Thank you April and Core Theory Fitness!"
Ravyn S.

"Fitness and health were not an important aspect of my life growing up. It wasn't until, I was a senior in college that I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change. April, at Core Theory Fitness, helped me more than she knows. She helped walk me through counting macros and how to make simple changes to my diet to help me get the nutrients I need. She also showed me how to work out in a way where i would not hurt myself and feel good about the small goals. Now that I am in physician assistant school, I am keeping these changes that she taught me about and help me be a healthier person and role model for my patients in the future. I think it is good to practice to try to live the lifestyle you will ask your patients to live. Thank you April and. Core Theory Fitness for helping me not only lose weight, but gain health."
Michaela R.