Our goal is to coach you to be well educated so that you will create lifelong fitness and nutritional changes for healthier wellbeing, for the rest of your life. Stay connected on our facebook and instagram!


We do not believe in quick and easy fixes or that there is a one-size-approach to training and diet. A combination of multi-dimensional workouts, variability-driven exercises, simple-but-wholesome evidence-based nutrition and a healthy mental fitness, are what drives real CHANGE.  The resulting weight loss and increased fitness levels are the by-products from this holistic approach.



Personal training

 Our goal is to provide clients the most unique experience possible to attain your goals. Be it strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, agility, stamina, or coordination. This session comes with a free consultation that includes postural assessment, flexibility, strength and balance tests to help develop a much more personalized workout plan.


Personal training at a reduced cost! Semi-private is 3 clients maximum. You will receive all of the benefits of one-on-one, while sharing the studio with 1-2 other clients, each of you doing your own program! This is your personal session and you arrive at a time that works for you! The consultation is always free and gives you and I the opportunity to see if semi-private is right for you!



online Coaching package

Do you travel frequently for business or do you just want to workout with our trainer from Core Theory Fitness, but can't make it into the studio? If so, then this is the program for you! Meet your fitness goals no matter where you are! You will work with a coach through Skype, Facetime, email and text in the comfort of your own home or even hotel. It includes all of the benefits of one on one personal training and you can even be part of the semi-private sessions to make your training experience even more affordable!

Yoga therapy 

What is yoga therapy?  Yoga therapy is used for the direct purpose of working through a specific pain, muscular or flexibility issues, unmanaged stress, etc. Even digestive problems, changing your mindset around health/nutrition to aid you in weight loss or restoring you energy levels. For optimal results a minimum of 4 sessions is recommened (A FREE Consultation must be scheduled prior to scheduling a Yoga Therapy session.)