Part 1: Stop Looking for a Quick Fix - There Isn’t One!

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and watching great authors and speakers. This has actually become part of my morning routine! This week I listened to Darren Hardy speaking about his book “The Compound Effect”. It is a book that reaches all aspects of success and what it takes to get there in life, not just in weight loss, success at work, success in relations, but how to have success in all of those. Here are some of my favorites and I will relate them to a healthy lifestyle!

Stop looking for a quick fix - There isn’t one!

This is so true on so many things! Have you ever had to learn an instrument? On your first day of picking up a guitar did you suddenly start playing “Stairway to Heaven”? No? Neither did Jimmy Page! He had to learn step by step and work and practice and make mistakes and keep learning and getting better everyday. (FYI for those who might be going “who??” Listen Led Zeppelin IV!)

How does this relate to eating healthy and exercising? Do you think people that are very fit and healthy are just born that way and they didn’t have to take any steps to get there? Even though it make look simple and easy, the fact is that to achieve health and remain that way, you have to constantly make choices that will give you those results!

1st Choice of the day: Do I hit the snooze and keep sleeping or do I get up so I can squeeze in a 30min workout before work? Or leave for work early so that I can get off work early enough to get a workout in!

2nd Choice of the day: Do i grab a muffin or donut and have coffee with cream or have some scrambled egg whites with veggies on a corn tortilla? 

Obviously, we all know we should choose the “healthier option”, but many don’t, because they think just eating this one healthy meal or doing this one workout isn’t going to get me results immediately. You are right. Making those healthy choices sometimes won’t get you any results, but do that everyday, and ‘The Compound Effect’ will be you, becoming healthier!

I want to still be able to dance when I am 80, so I am going to make the everyday choices that will give me the life I want for years to come!